Prana SpaCeuticals Professional Products are sold only to Verified Licensed Professionals.  You must submit a professional account request HERE.   (You will be redirected to our exclusive distributor in Canada -  SkinFX Inc. for Prana SpaCeuticals, My Dermatician and ClearChoice Brands)

additional brands

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chemical peels

10% Lactic Acid Peel - pH 2.9

​Lactic Acid can be very effective for many skin conditions and types.  This treatment is easy to tolerate due to its large molecular weight and hydrating, soothing ingredients.  Lactic Acid Peel is a great introductory peel and can be used for general exfoliation, hyperpigmentation, smoothing, and stimulating all skin types. 

Bikini Brite Peel - pH 2.2

Intimate bleaching products allow you to create a uniform colour of the vaginal/anal area, underarms and areola.  Our Prana Bikini Brite Peel and the whole Bikini Brite line is safe to use in intimate areas. 

PreNatal Peel 

The pregnancy glow is an unfortunate myth for some, thanks to skyrocking hormones, more than 50% of pregnant women develop a "pregnancy mask" the darking of pigmentation around the mouth, cheeks and forehead also known as melasma or hyperpigmentation, and many also develop acne. 


Reishi Mushroom Peel

Our Reishi Mushroom Peel is intended to remove the outermost layer of dead skin with the added bonus of age-defying mushrooms.  This unique element leaves trace amounts of essential minerals that create large levesl of antioxidants to help neutralize stressed skin.  

Man Up Peel 

Environmental pollutants don't discrimate and daily skin care for men is equally important.  ManUp Peel is specificially formulated to resurface, treat and correct concerns for the male clientele.   

beauty boxes

Beauty on Your Own Terms. Prana SpaCeuticals™ Beauty Boxes have individualized formulas designed for the skin care professional to deliver results with a customized spa-like experience!  We have SEVEN beauty boxes for every skin type and/or condition - each box provides 25- 30 Facial Services.  We have TWO add on beauty boxes that can be added to any facial 

Beauty Boxes: 

Lycopene Beauty Box - Hyperpigmentation

02 Phyto Cellular Beauty Box - Anti-Aging

Lavender Beauty Box - Sensitive

Mushroom Beauty Box- Roscea, Inflammation

BanAcne Beauty Box - Acne

Peas in a Pod & Carrots Beauty Box - Brightening, Texture 

Gentleman's Beauty Box - Mens' Facials 

Add On Beauty Boxes

Expressions Beauty Box - Eyes

Lips  Beauty Box - Lips

intimate collection


Prana SpaCeuticals offers two Professional lines for intimate care Bikini Brite Collection offers intimate bleaching products that allow you to create uniform products of the vaginal, anal, underarms and aerola. 


The V-Collection is our Vagacial Collection.  A vajacial treats ingrown hairs, removes dead skin cells, smooths bumps around the bikini line, and helps to treat Hyper-friction (aka discoloration).  All to maintain a healthy and hydrated skin in the vaginal area.  These treatments complement other services in-between such as waxing or out signature Intimate Brightening System ( Bikini Bright Products)  to help maintain results

Both lines have post care retail products. 


professional masques

Beauty on Your Own Terms. Prana SpaCeuticals™ Professional Masques are designed for the skin care professional to deliver results with a customized spa-like experience!  

Professional Masques: 

DMAE Masque - Anti-Aging

Petit Sarah Masque- Anti-Aging, Menopausal, dry Skin

Green Apple Enzyme - Roscea Type 1 & 11, normal skin types


Most of our key retail products come in backbar sizes for use in your spa. 


We offer both in class and online training on our Prana SpaCeuticals line.